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Canon G3200 Driver

Canon PIXMA G3200 is an All-in-one printer with fabulous printing features with user-friendly setup & configuration process. Canon PIXMA G3200 Driver setup is the source through which you can explore the printer-given specifications on your selected documents. Try to start and finish the driver setup using the Official CANON page.

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How to unbox and setup Canon PIXMA G3200 printer?

Unpack the brand new PIXMA G3200
  • Lift & place the new printer box on the table or flat surface.
  • Unwrap the covers and protective tapes.
  • Check with the printer components.
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Plugin Canon PIXMA G3200

  • Make sure the inner tapes are removed and start the power connection.
  • Use the provided connecting wires & USB cables to an interface.
  • Enable the printer to system power connection.

Load paper and ink cartridges

  • Take the ink cartridge package from the printer box.
  • Look at the colors mentioned on it and locate the ink cartridge to it.
  • Always buy the recommended premium cartridges and paper sheets.
  • Close the respective doors to begin print work after the driver setup.

Download the canon suitable driver

  • Make use of a specific extension to open the driver file from the active system.
  • Go with the on-screen prompts and finish the Canon Pixma G3200 driver install.
  • Choose the method of connection at the last lap of the driver setup.
  • Add the printer and hit the print icon to print.

Canon PIXMA G3200 Driver installation for Windows 10

The basic need to choose driver OS

  • Pick the compatible and suitable driver software for your printer setup.
  • Surf using the Official Canon website and put your printer keys on the given field reference to windows 10.
  • Direct the software to get saved on the connected system.

Steps to follow to complete the driver setup

  • Now, double-tap the driver file from the saved folder to start the installation.
  • Carry out the on-screen prompts on the screen/display to begin the installation.
  • Then, permit the third-party authentication to get accessed using windows.
  • Register the Canon Pixma G3200 to the downloaded driver software.
  • Start using the print icon to work on print.

Canon PIXMA G3200 Driver installation for Mac

Using the driver CD/DVD

  • Press the power button to start the printer.
  • Inspect the active system for its USB slot, then insert the driver installation CD/DVD into it.
  • Tap the download option and followed by entering the extension to save to the Max folder.

Steps to complete driver install

  • First, Mark the checkbox of terms and conditions to accept the License Agreement.
  • Use the wizard steps to finish the Canon PIXMA G3200 driver installation.
  • Then, choose the mode of connection.
  • Move on with the on-screen steps to complete the driver installation process.
  • Tap the print icon and effortlessly start the print job.

Canon PIXMA G3200 Wireless setup

Wireless setup is the identity for the advanced setup process for the users-convenient. Try to get free from the connectives and USB cables to connect the Canon Pixma G3200 printer. Here, is the steps to set up wireless using the Windows 10 and Mac system.

Canon PIXMA G3200 wireless setup for windows 10

  • start power and network connection to the printer setup devices.
  • Furthermore, hold the Wireless icon using the printer control panel.
  • And relax until you notify with the displayed pop-up.
  • If you are available with driver installation CD to update or install the suitable driver software.
  • Access the file and install it for the hassle-free wireless setup.
  • Further, Mark the checkbox to accept the License Agreement and continue.
  • Carry out the wireless settings on the PIXMA G3200 printer and then type the network credentials carefully.
  • Promptly, finish the access using the ok button.
  • Lastly, expect the stable Wi-Fi or wireless light on the Canon Pixma G3200 wireless setup approval using the printer.

Canon PIXMA G3200 Wireless Setup for Mac

  • Start the power connection using the wall outlet connection.
  • Now, it’s time to hold the wireless button, till the wireless setup screen appears on the printer screen/display.
  • Try to mark the folder location to save the downloaded Canon PIXMA G3200 driver.
  • Move through the Mac folder and finish the software installation process and move further.
  • Then, Accept the License Agreement and continue.
  • Once the wizard setup guidelines prompt for network credentials to connect wireless using it.
  • Enter the network credentials by using the dropdown menu.
  • Finally, smartly get connected with the Canon Pixma G3200 wireless setup for vibrant print in less time.

Canon PIXMA G3200 USB Setup

It’s the interface cord between the Canon Pixma G3200 and Compatible Windows/Mac system to start the printer to active for the effortless printing work. Ensure the USB cable condition and USB-drive availability before the USB setup configuration.

Install Canon setup file

  • Use the Official Canon page and enter the necessary printer keys correctly to download the PIXMA G3200 setup file that is compatible with the system.
  • Enable the active location to save the file successfully.
  • Move forward using the wizard setup steps to finish the process.

Connect using the USB

When you start the printer setup process, it will claim the method of connection.

  • On the resultant screen/display, choose the USB type.
  • Then, the confirmation screen will prompt to start the connection using the USB cables.
  • Once again inspect the USB cable condition and fix the USB to the USB drive appropriately.
  • Move on with the setup wizard process and complete the Canon Pixma G3200 USB setup.