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Canon MG3040 Driver

Obtain the Canon MG3040 printer is a wireless printer setup that comfortably works on Wi-Fi, Print, Copy, Scan, and Cloud. To utilize the best form of features, download & install the updated MG-3040 Printer driver software using the Official Canon page.

Wireless - Print - Copy - Scan - Fax

How to unbox and setup Canon Pixma MG3040 printer?

Unpack the brand new MG3040

  1. Unwrap the printer box.
  2. Maintain a smooth surface and place the Printer on it.
  3. Have the checklist and view the printer components.
canon mx532

Plugin Canon MG3040

  1. Peel out the printer packing materials and covers.
  2. Support using the Canon Manual and start the setup procedure from Printer to system interface.
  3. Turn on the Printer to active mode.

Load paper and ink cartridges

  1. Peel out the visible inner protective covers from the new ink cartridges package.
  2. Gently fix the needed ink cartridges/Tank to the stated color.
  3. Make a deal on the premium paper and load them into the input tray.
  4. Finish the driver setup and move on with the start option.

Download the Canon Suitable driver 

  1. Open the downloaded file using the .exe extension from the system folder.
  2. Go with the instructions to Setup the driver installation process effectively.
  3. Try to pick the mode of internet connection.
  4. Try to complete the driver setup and authorize the Setup by test print.

Canon MG3040 Driver Download & Installation for windows 10

Basic requirement to choose driver OS

  1. Search for the compatible driver software from the Canon Official page.
  2. Look for the needed driver software that is suitable for the compatible Windows10.
  3. Start the driver download process and save using the .exe extension.

Steps to follow to complete the driver setup

  1. Initiate the driver setup by opening the driver software.
  2. Utilize the screen/display instructions and complete the installation process.
  3. Pick the mode of connection via USB and Wireless type.
  4. Initiate the printing work, once the Printer is registered to the software.
  5. Turn on Windows 10 and start the printout.

Canon MG3040 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

Using the driver CD/DVD

  1. Start the printer setup by turning on the Printer.
  2. Obtain the CD drive on the active system and feed the CD.
  3. Choose the Run option to initiate the MG3040 driver installation.

Steps to complete driver install

  1. Pick the terms and conditions to “Accept the License Agreement”.
  2. Follow the printer driver installation and wait for the connectivity setup window.
  3. Pick the preferred method of connection using the menu.
  4. Complete the driver setup by following the on-screen guidelines.
  5. Additionally, add a printer to the system and trail a Print job.

Canon PIXMA MG3040 Wireless Setup

Wireless Setup for MG3040 Printer is an easy setup using the stable network settings. Use the wireless setup settings with various methods of connection to perform effortless prints.

Canon MG3040 wireless setup for windows 10

  1. Switch on the Canon Printer to start.
  2. Meanwhile, hold the Wireless icon from the printer control panel and wait until you see the display confirmation.
  3. Open the setup software CD and slowly insert it into the computer CD drive.
  4. Further, run the file and connect with the on-screen instructions.
  5. Click the “Accept the License Agreement” and continue with the proceedings.
  6. Opt for the wireless settings for the MG3040 Printer and type the network name.
  7. Then, specify the password and complete the Wireless Setup.
  8. Now, the Wireless Setup is ready to print using the network connection.

Canon MG3040 wireless setup for mac

  1. Switch on the power button and make the Canon Printer active.
  2. Now, hold the wireless connection button till the processing status on the printer screen.
  3. Open the setup file from the active Canon MG3040 printer.
  4. Click the download option to get the setup software and open using the Mac device.
  5. Permit the “Accept the License Agreement” and continue.
  6. Move with the wizard guidelines and allow the network access when prompted.
  7. Change the network settings and tap the dropdown menu to select the desired network name.
  8. Specify the network password and add the Printer to it.

USB Setup for Canon MG3040 printer

USB setup is the connection setup process that connects the Printer and system using interface type. Before connecting the interface connection, check the USB cable condition and proceed using the Canon Manual instructions.

Install Canon MG3040 Driver on your Desktop

  1. Firstly, try to download the Canon MG3040 setup file which suits the compatible device selected.
  2. Turn on the location to save the downloaded file. Later, try to run the file which consists of OS.
  3. Connect via wizard setup and complete the finish the setup process.

Connect using USB

  1. Once the setup wizard asks for the method of connection, opt for the required one.
  2. Pick the USB connection type from the options menu given.
  3. Purchase the well-conditioned USB cables to provide an interface between the Printer and compatible system.
  4. Try to finish the USB setup on Canon MG3040 USB using the provided guidelines and move on with the print work with a network connection.