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Canon MG3620 Driver

With Canon Pixma mg3620, print high-quality documents and photos. This is a convenient option for printing works. The Pixma mg3620 is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows 10 OS. However, for using this printer efficiently, install canon mg3620 driver on the computer.

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How to unbox and setup Canon Pixma MG3620 printer

The unboxing and setting up of canon Pixma mg3620 is an easy job if you follow certain instructions. Here are the instructions with which unboxing and setting up a canon printer can be easily done:

Make the Canon Printer Free from Coverings

Step1: Take out canon printer from its original pack. 

Step2: Clear off all protective tapes from it. 

Step3: Remove the tapes inside the document cover. 

Step4: Then, take out the covering materials and tapes inside the output paper tray. 

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Plugin the Pixma MG3620 

Step1: Connect the printer to the wall outlet with a power cord. 

Step2: Press the power button of the printer to turn it ON.

Install Canon MG3620 Cartridges

Step1: Remove the protective tape from the new cartridges. 

Step2: Install Pixma mg3620 cartridges into the proper slots.

Download and Install Canon MG3620 Driver

Step1: Get canon mg3620 driver, which supports your device OS. 

Step2: Download and extract the driver file on the computer. 

Step3: When you extract it, the driver installing process begins. 

Step4: Carry on with the wizard instructions and install the printer driver successfully. 

Canon MG3620 Driver Download & Installation for windows 10

Install canon mg3620 driver easily on your windows operating system. For this, you have to download the driver, which is perfectly compatible with your OS. Here, you see the easy guidelines to set up the driver on windows 10 operating system:

Get the Driver Compatible with Windows 10 OS

Step1: Begin with the process by finding a suitable driver for windows 10 OS. 

Step2: After that, save canon mg3620 driver file on the desktop. 

Step3: Open the file and start driver setup.

Set your Preferred Connection Type and Complete the Installation 

Step1: Once you start the setup process, follow the guidelines on the screen to continue.

Step2: Set the connection type – either wired or wireless.

Step3: Now, proceed with the canon mg3620 driver setup steps and finish installing driver. 

Canon MG3620 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

Set up canon mg3620 printer driver properly on the Mac device. To begin with this setup process, you require a suitable printer driver. The below-given steps are the basic procedure to start and finish the driver installation.         

Choose and Download the Driver Appropriate for your OS

Step1: Choose the suitable canon mg3620 driver from the available drivers.

Step2: Once you choose, download it on the Macintosh computer.

Step3: Now, double-click it to start the setup.

Select the Connectivity Type and Finish Setup

Step1: After starting the process, follow what the wizard prompts. 

Step2: Select a mode of connection from the options shown in the screen. 

Step3: After that, use the wizard steps and finish the canon mg3620 driver setup. 

Canon PIXMA MG3620 Wireless Setup

The canon mg3620 printer supports both wireless and USB connectivity setup. Here, we are giving instructions for easy wireless setup. With the below steps, you can easily connect your canon mg3620 with device through a wifi network. Here, you can get instructions for wireless setup for both mac and windows.

Canon MG3620 wireless setup for windows 10

Setting up your router wifi network in canon Pixma mg3620 printer is an easy task. The basic steps to complete canon mg3620 wifi connection setup are:

Make sure that your Device has a Wifi Network 

Step1: Power up your windows 10 computer.

Step2: Confirm that it has a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Set up Canon MG3620 Printer 

Step1: First, check whether the wifi button on your printer is blinking.  

Step2: If it is blinking, stop it by pressing the right button. 

Step3: Press and hold “Wi-Fi” button until the power button light flashes. 

Step4: Then press the button next to it- color button. 

Step5: Ensure that the light on the wifi button blinks quickly and the power button is blinking.

Install Canon MG3620 Driver on Your Computer 

Step1: Download the suitable software and driver for Canon Pixma mg3620.

Step2: Open the .exe file (downloaded) and start the setup. 

Step3: Follow the on-screen steps and continue with the setup process. 

Choose Your Desired Method to Connect Devices 

Step1: When the installation process goes on, you see a wizard with connectivity options. 

Step2: Here, choose the Wireless Connection method to connect devices wirelessly.

Step3: Now, ensure that your canon Pixma mg3620 printer is ON.

Step4: Next, you see the wizard searching for the printer. 

Step5: Click on printer series from the list and continue with the steps. 

Step6: Finally, install canon mg3620 printer driver and complete setup.

Canon MG3620 wireless setup for mac

Many of you may want to connect your mac device with Pixma mg3620. Considering this, we are mentioning the wireless setup steps for canon mg3620. With these steps, you can easily and quickly set up wifi connection in your canon Pixma mg3620.

Ensure that Your Computer has a Wifi

Step1: Turn on the desktop. 

Step2: Ensure that your mac desktop is connected to the secure wifi.

Turn on and Adjust the Printer Settings

Step1: Turn on canon mg3620 and make sure that the Wi-Fi button is not lighted up.

Step2: If it flashes, stop it.

Step3: Press the Wi-Fi button and hold it until the power button lights up.

Step4: After that, press the button (color).

Step5: Now, check whether the Wi-Fi button is blinking.  

Run Canon MG3620 Driver Setup CD

Step1: Switch on the Mac computer and open the CD/DVD slot. 

Step2: Place the setup CD in it. (The setup CD come with the original printer pack)

Step3: Now, run the DVD/CD, to begin with, canon Pixma mg3620 driver installation. 

Step4: Proceed with the instructions on CD to set the mode of connection. 

Select the Suitable Mode to Connect Canon MG3620 and Desktop 

Step1: Choose Wireless LAN Connection on the connection mode wizard. 

Step2: Continue following the instructions to proceed wireless setup. 

Step3: Now, you see your printer serial number. Click on it and continue.  

Step4: Next, select the series and continue to add the printer. 

Step7: Click “add printer” and you see a list of canon printer series. 

Step6: Select your printer series and complete the driver installation.

USB Setup for Canon MG3620 printer

The USB mode of connection is the standard way to connect the devices securely. Setting up this connectivity mode is a simple process. The basic instructions to start and complete this process are: 

Install Canon MG3620 Driver on your Desktop

Step1: First, find the drivers available for canon mg3620.

Step2: Choose a driver, which perfectly suits the OS of your desktop. 

Step3: Download the chosen driver file and extract it on the desktop. 

Step4: The installing process begins. 

Step5: Now, carry on with the wizard steps to set the connection mode.

Set your Desired Connection Method

Step1: When you proceed with the process, the wizard asks you to choose the connection type.

Step2: Here, click the USB connection to continue USB setup. 

Step3: Now, connect the devices with an undamaged USB cable. (This you have to do when the wizard asks). 

Step4: Finally, complete Pixma mg3620 driver setup with the steps.