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Canon MG7520 Driver

The driver is essential for the functioning of canon mg7520 printer. Thus, installing canon mg7520 driver is necessary if you want to print with this printer. Moreover, before you install the driver, ensure that it is the latest version and not the outdated. The latest version allows the user to use all the features of a printer.

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How to Unbox and Setup Canon Pixma MG7520 Printer

Canon mg7520 unbox and setup is a simple process. The procedure for canon mg7520 printer unboxing and setup are: 

Uncover Pixma MG7520

 Step1: Open the main pack of canon Pixma mg7520

Step2: Take essential canon mg7520 accessories from it.

Step3: Safely pull out Pixma mg7520 from pack and keep it in a flat surface.

Step4: Take away all the protective coverings and tapes from it. 

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Connect Printer with the Power Supply 

Step1: First, confirm your canon printer does not have any protective coverings.

Step2: Connect it with the wall outlet using a power cord. 

Step3: Now, your canon mg7520 turns ON. If it does not turns ON, just press its power button. 

Canon MG7520 Cartridge Installation 

Step1: Verify that the cartridges do not have tapes or other coverings. 

Step2: Insert them into their slots given in the printer. 

Complete Canon MG7520 Setup 

Step1: Load the CD/DVD into the device to install canon mg7520 driver.

Step2: Run the DVD/CD to start the installation. 

Step3: Follow what the wizard pops and choose the connectivity mode. 

Step4: Finally, complete canon mg7520 setup as per the installation steps.

Canon MG7520 Driver Download & Installation for windows 10

Install Canon Pixma mg7520 driver on windows quickly. Moreover, you can now install the driver as per your OS version. The steps for quick canon Pixma mg7520 driver download and install on Windows OS are: 

Find your Device OS Version and Download your Printer Driver Accordingly

Step1: Check your device properties and know its OS version.

Step2: Now, find the driver for Canon Pixma mg7520, which supports your OS. 

Step3: Then, download it on the windows 10 desktop.

Set up Canon MG7520 Driver on Windows 

Step1: Extract Pixma mg7520 driver file on windows.

Step2: The printer driver setup process begins. 

Step3: Execute the steps displaying on the monitor and continue. 

Step4: Choose the best way to connect devices from the given options.

Step5: After that, complete driver setup process with the steps on the wizard.

Canon MG7520 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

Get the recent version canon mg7520 driver version and install it on your mac easily. The basic procedure for this process is: 

Download Canon MG7520 Driver 

Step1: First, check the OS version of your desktop. 

Step2: Find canon Pixma mg7520 driver that supports your computer OS. 

Step3: Download canon printer driver on the desktop.

Install Canon MG7520 Printer Driver on Mac

Step1: Access the folder where the driver file gets saved. 

Step2: Now, extract the downloaded canon mg7520 driver file.

Step3: Once you extract it, the installation process starts. 

Step4: Use the installation guidelines shown on the screen and continue. 

Step5: Choose a method to connect mac and canon printer. 

Step6: Proceed further with the steps and install canon mg7520 driver.

Canon PIXMA MG7520 Wireless Setup

The Canon Pixma mg7520 printer supports Wi-Fi network connection setup. This means you can connect this printer with your computer through a Wi-Fi network. Be it a Mac or Windows 10 computer, the Pixma mg7520 supports both OS. The instructions for connecting Pixma mg7520 with mac or windows device are:

Canon mg7520 wireless setup for windows 10

To start canon mg7520 wireless setup for windows 10, you require a stable Wi-Fi network. Along with this, you also require a compatible canon mg7720 driver. The step-by-step procedure to setup wireless connection between printer and windows device is: 

Confirm a Stable Wi-Fi Network 

Step1: First, check whether your device is perfect. 

Step2: Confirm that the device is connected to your router Wi-Fi. 

Install Suitable Canon Printer Driver 

Step1: To start this process, switch on the computer. 

Step2: Go to its properties and find out its OS version.

Step3: Find canon mg7520 driver than can suit your OS version.

Step4: Once you find the suitable driver, download it on your computer. 

Step5: Double-click the driver file that you downloaded to initiate driver install. 

Step6: Use the on-screen steps and proceed further to choose connection mode.

Choose a Mode to Make a Connection between Canon MG7520 and Device 

Step1: When you reach the connection mode wizard, click wireless LAN connection. 

Step2: Then, choose the access point mode to continue setup.

Step3: Now, see whether your printer series is there in the list. 

Step4: If it is there, click it and continue. 

Step5: If your printer series is not there, click the checkbox given below the list. 

Set the Canon Pixma MG7520 Printer 

Step1: Turn on the printer and press its home button. 

Step2: Then, access the wireless LAN setup option under WLAN and continue. 

Step3: Choose cableless setup and continue with wizard steps to complete the Wi-Fi setup.

Canon mg7520 Wireless Setup for Mac

Connect your Mac computer with canon mg7520 printer wirelessly. To connect them wirelessly, you need a secure wireless connection in your computer. If you have a secure Wi-Fi in your computer, use the instructions below and complete Wi-Fi setup. 

Install Canon MG7520 Driver Compatible with your Mac

Step1: Find out the version of your operating system.

Step2: Download the recent version Pixma MG7520 Driver on your mac.

Step3: Ensure that the driver you saved on your device is compatible with your OS.

Step4: Now, to start installing it, extract the driver file on the device. 

Step5: After that, follow the on-screen steps to continue the installation.

Set the Desired Mode of Connection

Step1: When it comes to connectivity setup, you see three options on the screen. 

Step2: Choose the first option – wireless LAN connection.

Step3: Continue with the setup steps shown on the monitor. 

Modify the Printer Settings

Step1: Switch on your canon printer and move on to its home screen. 

Step2: Tap the option – cableless setup to continue wi-fi setup. 

Step3: Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the wireless setup properly. 

Supported Operating System


Windows®8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP1, Vista SP2, and Windows XP SP3 32-bit


Mac OS® X v10.6.8 – 10.9

USB Setup for Canon MG7520 printer

Connect your devices with a USB cable easily. To set up a reliable USB connection between devices, follow the steps given below:

Load Setup CD in the Computer

Step1: First, make sure that your computer is “ON”.

Step2: Place the setup CD in the CD drive. 

Step3: Run it in the device. Now, the installation begins. 

Step4: Continue the installation as per the on-screen steps.

Choose Connectivity Method and Install the Setup File

Step1: Proceed with the setup steps until you see the connectivity mode options.

Step2: When you see the options, choose “USB connection”.

Step3: Now, follow the steps on the wizard and finish USB network setup.