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Canon MX472 Driver

The Canon PIXMA MX472 is a premium-quality solution for business printing works. With this canon printer, you can print photos, as well as documents. The PIXMA MX472 printer has many convenient and special features. To use this printer in an efficient way, download and install Canon MX472 driver on your device. 

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How to Unbox and Setup Canon Pixma MX472 Printer

When it comes to Canon mx472 setup, printer unboxing is the first step. Here, get detailed instructions for printer setup under two categories.

Take Off Protective Materials from PIXMA MX472

Step1: Open the package and take the printer. 

Step2: Place printer on a flat surface and remove all covering materials.

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How to Set Up PIXMA MX472?

You can easily set up Canon PIXMA MX472. Here we are categorizing the setup process into three parts to help you set up Canon MX472 quickly.

Power up the Printer

Step1: Use the power cable and connect the printer with a wall socket.

Step2: Switch on the socket to power up Canon printer. 

Insert Cartridges into the slots 

Step1: You get printer cartridges with Canon PIXMA MX472.

Step2: Take it and clear off all the tapes.

Step3: Install cartridges into its slots.

Install Canon MX472 Driver

Step1: Find the most recent canon MX472 driver version.  

Step2: Download it on the desktop.

Step3:Follow the steps and install the PIXMA MX472 driver

Canon MX472 Driver Download & Installation for windows 10

You can install Canon MX472 driver easily on windows using two methods. The first method is to use the installation CD and the second method is to download it. Here we are discussing how to install PIXMA MX472 driver with the CD. 

Load the Installation CD

Step1: Power up your desktop. 

Step2: Pull out the CD drive and load CD into it. 

Step3: Now, the CD starts functioning automatically on the device. 

Know How to Install Canon MX472 Driver

Step1: When you run the installation CD on the desktop, the driver installation starts.  

Step2: Follow the set of instructions shown on the screen and continue. 

Step3: Select the mode to connect printer and desktop. 

Step4: Carry on with the steps and install the driver.  

Canon MX472 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

Download Canon MX472 driver on your mac device and install it successfully. To know how to do this, read the following steps. These steps help you install printer driver quickly on mac. 

Find Suitable PIXMA MX472 driver 

Step1: Power up the Mac device.

Step2: Know your Mac OS version. 

Step3: Finding the version of OS helps to get a compatible driver. 

Install Latest PIXMA MX472 driver 

Step1: Find PIXMA MX472 driver, which suits your mac OS. 

Step2: Once you find it, download and open the file. 

Step3: Now, pixma mx472 driver installation starts. Then, continue with the process. 

Step4: Next, you have to select the connection method to continue. 

Step5: Finally, go through the instructions and install the driver accordingly. 

Canon PIXMA MX472 Wireless Setup

You can set up a wireless network in PIXMA MX472 easily and quickly. This indicates that you can easily connect your devices if you have a secure Wi-Fi network. Moreover, now it is possible for both mac and windows. Here, you see the basic wireless setup steps for both windows and mac. 

Canon mx472 wireless setup for windows 10

Setting up a Wi-Fi network in Canon MX472 is not a big deal. You can do it easily. However, before starting the process, ensure that the device has a secure Wi-Fi network. After that, follow the steps listed below and finish Canon MX472 Wireless Setup for Windows 10.

Ensure that the computer is placed close to the printer

Placing printer near to device is essential for setting up your router Wi-Fi in Canon PIXMA MX472

Step1: Take the printer and place it on a table near your computer. 

Step2: Turn on the computer and Canon printer. 

Install Software and Driver and then choose the connection method

Software installation is necessary to connect the devices. This includes Canon MX472 driver installation as well. Additionally, you have to select a mode to connect the devices. 

Step1: Insert the setup CD into the CD drive of the device and run. 

Step2: Now, PIXMA MX472 driver installation begins and continue. 

Step3: Select “wireless connection”. Then, select cableless setup under “other methods”. 

Step4: Finish PIXMA MX472 driver install as per the steps. 

Canon MX472 Wireless Setup for Mac

Set up your router Wi-Fi in Canon MX472 quickly. However, for this, your computer should have a safe wireless internet connection. After that, implement the below steps and complete canon MX472 wireless setup for mac.

Place your Canon MX472 Printer near Your Computer 

This is important to connect the mac and Canon PIXMA MX472 printer with the stable Wi-Fi network. 

Step1: When you take the printer from the pack, place it near your device. 

Step2: Power up your computer and PIXMA MX472

 Driver Installation and Selecting Connection Mode

Selecting a connection mode and driver install is vital when it comes to wireless setup.

Step1: Open the CD drive and load setup CD-ROM. 

Step2: Run it to start the installation of software and driver. 

Step3: Proceed further and choose the connection method as a wireless connection.

Step4: Select the option- other methods to choose cableless setup. 

Step5: Finish Canon MX472 driver installation with the on-screen steps.

USB Setup for Canon MX472 printer

Now, you can connect the computer and PIXMA MX472 through a USB cord. To set up a USB connection between devices, you need a cable, Wi-Fi network, and Canon MX472 driver. Now, what’s more? Following the steps below may help you connect devices:

Switch on the Windows or Mac Desktop and printer

Step1: Establish a connection between printer and wall outlet.

Step2: Switch on the outlet and then turn on PIXMA MX472 printer.

Supported Operating System  

Windows – Windows® 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 7 SP1, Window Vista SP1, Vista SP2, and Windows XP SP3 32-bit

Mac – Mac OS X v10.6.8- v10.9

Install Canon MX472 Driver and Complete USB Setup

Step1: Load the CD in the computer driver and run it. 

Step2: The Canon MX472 driver installation starts. 

Step3: Continue and choose “other method”.

Step4: Then click “other setup” and proceed further with steps. 

Step5: Choose the option – Wireless Setup Using the USB cable. 

Step6: Click the option “setup the network connection via USB” to proceed.

Step7: Connect the printer and computer with a secure USB cable when the wizard pops. 

Step8: Continue and choose your network from the list. Now, enter its key and connect. 

Step9: Next, disconnect the cable and complete the installation.