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Canon MX522 Driver

Print amazing quality photo quickly with Canon MX522 printer. The PIXMA MX522 is the best option for all home office printing works. This canon printer is suitable for windows and mac operating system. However, Canon MX522 driver is necessary to use all features of this printer. Thus, install the suitable driver for PIXMA MX522 before using the printer. 

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How to Unbox and Setup Canon Pixma MX522 Printer

Printer unboxing is the first thing to do for first-time Canon MX522 setup. The main steps for unboxing and setting up Canon PIXMA MX522 are:

Remove Printer Protective Materials from Canon MX522 

Step1: First, open the printer package and take Canon MX522 from it. 

Step2: Keep it on a plane surface and get rid of all packing foams. 

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Set Up Canon MX522 Printer 

Setting up Canon MX522 printer is an easy process if you follow the below instructions. 

Power up Canon MX522 

Step1: Connect PIXMA MX522 and wall outlet with a power cord. 

Step2: ON the power outlet to turn on Canon MX522.

Insert Canon MX522 Cartridges into their Slots 

Step1: Canon MX522 cartridges comes with the printer. 

Step2: Take them and load into respective slots. 

Note: Before inserting the cartridges, make sure to remove all the tapes from it. 

Install Drivers for Canon MX472 

Step1: Download updated Canon MX472 driver

Step2: Open it to start driver install. 

Step3: Use the installation steps and install canon MX522 driver

Canon MX522 Driver Download & Installation for windows 10

Canon MX522 driver install on windows 10 can be a quick process. The steps given below can help you install drivers on your windows device quickly.

Load PIXMA MX522 Setup CD 

Step1: Turn on the windows device. 

Step2: Load Canon MX522 setup CD in the windows computer drive. 

Step3: The setup CD runs automatically on the computer. 

Steps to Install Drivers for PIXMA MX522

Step1: When the CD start its functioning, the Canon MX522 driver installation begins. 

Step2: Now, use instructions on the wizard to carry on with the process. 

Step3: Next, decide how to connect the device and choose the option accordingly. 

Step4: Follow the steps and install the driver on Windows 10 device. 

Canon MX522 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

To install Canon MX522 driver on your Mac, download the driver version suitable for your device OS. Now, want to know how to install PIXMA MX522 driver? Read the steps below: 

Check your Mac OS Version and Download Driver Accordingly

Step1: To know the version of your Mac OS, turn on the computer.  

Step2: After that, find and download Driver that suits your operating system. 

Start installing Canon PIXMA MX472 Driver 

Step1: Once you download the driver, open it to start the process of driver install. 

Step2: After that, continue until the screen appears to choose the connection type.

Step3: Select the connection type according to your requirements. 

Step4: Install the driver by following the on-screen instructions. 

Canon PIXMA MX522 Wireless Setup

For Canon PIXMA MX522 wireless setup, all you require is a stable Wi-Fi network. Moreover, Canon MX522 wireless setup is possible for windows and mac. Now, to know the step-by-step procedure for PIXMA wireless setup, read on. 

Canon mx522 wireless setup for windows 10

Now, set up Wi-Fi network in canon MX522 printer without much hassle. It can be done easily, but for this, your windows 10 computer must have a Wi-Fi connection. Now, if you have a stable Wi-Fi, follow the instruction manual and complete the wireless setup process. 

Install Software and Driver for PIXMA MX522 

Step1: First, load the setup CD into the drive. 

Step2: Proceed with the steps to install Canon MX522 driver

Select the Method to Connect the Devices

Step1: Choose “network connection” when the wizard pops. 

Step2: Then select “wireless connection” and continue. 

Step3: Click other methods and select standard setup. 

Step4: Now, click on your access point and continue to enter its passcode. 

Step5: Now, install the drivers to finish Wi-Fi setup.  

Note: If you select the push button method, proceed with the instructions on the screen. 

Canon MX522 Wireless Setup for Mac

Now, connecting mac and Canon MX522 is easily possible if your computer has a stable Wi-Fi. This means your mac must have a Wi-Fi network for setting up the wireless network in Canon MX522. The simple steps for connecting Canon MX522 and mac wirelessly are: 

Install PIXMA MX522 Driver

Step1: Place installation CD-ROM in the drive of your mac. 

Step2: Run and proceed further using the on-screen steps. 

Choose the Mode to Connect Printer and Mac 

Step1: Click the wireless connection button and continue.

Step2: Now, choose either the push-button method or other methods. 

Step3: If you choose other methods, then click “standard setup”. 

Step4: Choose your network and enter the key to continue.

Step5: Complete Canon MX522 driver install to finish the setup process. 

Note: For push button method, continue with the on-screen instructions. 

USB Setup for Canon MX522 printer

Now, you can connect your device using a USB cable. To proceed with this process, you may need suitable drivers for PIXMA MX522 and a power cord. The steps to follow for setting up a USB connection between the devices are: 

First, install PIXMA MX522 Driver

Step1: First, turn on the PIXMA MX522 printer.

Step2: Download Canon MX522 driver apt for your computer.

Step3: Start with the driver installation process by clicking the file.

Supported Operating System

Windows – Windows® 8, Windows RT, Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP1, Vista SP2, and Windows XP SP3 32-bit

Mac- Mac OSX 10.6.8 – 10.9.x

Choose Suitable Connection Method

Step1: During the driver installation, the wizard pops to choose the mode of connection.

Step2: Here, prefer choosing USB mode and continue with the instructions. 

Step3: Now, the installation wizard asks to connect the cable. 

Step4: Take the cord and connect the device with it. 

Step5: Now, finish Canon MX522 driver install.