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Canon TR7520 Driver

The canon tr7520 is suitable for all the home office printing needs. It supports wireless and wired connectivity setup. With Pixma tr7520, you can finish the printing works quickly and without much hassle. However, to use this printer efficiently, install canon tr7520 driver on your computer.

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How to unbox and setup canon Pixma TR7520 printer

Execute the steps given below to properly unbox and set up Canon Pixma TR7520. The below-given steps clearly explain the process from scratch to end. 

Unbox Canon Pixma TR7520 Printer 

Step1: First, keep canon printer pack on the flat surface.

Step2: Remove the packing tape from the printer package.

Step3: Now, open the pack and take out all the canon tr7520 accessories. 

Step4: Next, you can take Pixma tr7520 printer out. 

Step5: Take off the packing tapes and foams from it. 

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Plugin Canon Pixma TR7520 

Step1: Before plugging in, make sure that the canon tr7520 does not have any coverings.

Step2: Now, place the printer near the power outlet. 

Step3: Confirm that the power cord is not damaged. 

Step4: Finally, connect the printer with the power outlet using the cord and switch it ON. 

Install Cartridges on Canon TR7520

Step1: Ensure that the canon tr7520 cartridges do not have any protective coverings.

Step2: If any covering in the cartridges, remove it properly. 

Step3: After that, insert them into the cartridge slots. 

Install PIXMA TR7520 Driver Suitable for your OS

Step1: Turn on the computer and open its CD drive. 

Step2: Load the installation CD in it. 

Step3: Run it on the computer. Now, the installation process of canon tr7520 driver starts. 

Step4: Now, continue with the steps provided on the screen and finish the process.

Canon TR7520 Driver Download & Installation for windows 10

Canon TR7520 driver installation is easy if you follow a set of instructions. The general instructions for easy driver installation are: 

Download Canon TR7520 Updated Driver

Step1: Download updated canon Pixma tr7520 driver on windows 10 desktop. 

Step2: Open the updated canon tr7520 driver file and continue with the installation. 

Install Canon TR7520 Printer Driver Properly on Windows 10

Step1: When you continue with the process, a wizard pops to select the mode of connection. 

Step2: Here, choose the connection mode either wired or wireless. 

Step3: After choosing the mode, proceed with the on-screen installation steps.  

Step4: Finally, now the installation of canon tr7520 printer driver is over. 

Canon TR7520 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

Downloading canon tr7520 driver and installing it on the mac is simple. You can do this process easily. Here are the guidelines to start and complete this process successfully: 

Check the OS Version and Find Printer Driver Accordingly

Step1: Turn on your mac desktop and find its OS version.

Step2: Now, get the canon tr7520 printer driver, which is suitable for your mac OS. 

Download Canon TR7520 Driver and Install it on the Mac 

Step1: When you find the compatible driver, save it on your Mac device. 

Step2: Next, open the folder where you saved it. 

Step3: Extract canon tr7520 driver file on the mac. 

Step4: Execute the on-screen instructions to proceed with the setup. 

Step5: Lastly, select your desired connection mode and finish canon tr7520 driver install.

Canon PIXMA TR7520 Wireless Setup

Connect your Canon Pixma tr7520 to the device wirelessly. To do this, all you require is a stable wifi connection and canon tr7520 driver. Moreover, the printer is compatible with both windows 10 and mac. This means you can connect Pixma tr7520 with windows 1

0 or mac computer if you have a wireless network. The basic set of instructions for connecting canon tr7520 with windows 10 and mac are: 

Canon TR7520 wireless setup for windows 10

You can complete the canon tr7520 wireless setup for windows 10 easily. The steps to complete this process successfully and easily are:

Set up Your Canon Printer 

Step1: Turn on the Pixma TR7520. 

Step2: Access the canon tr7520 printer panel and touch the wifi icon. 

Step3: Touch the LAN settings options. Then, prefer choosing wireless LAN.

Step4: Then, select “easy wireless connect” option under the Wireless LAN setup. 

Step5: Follow the instructions on the screen and continue. 

Download Canon TR7520 Setup File 

Step1: Get the appropriate setup file for Pixma tr7520. 

Step2: Download it on the desktop properly. 

Start Setting up the Canon TR7520 Setup File 

Step1: After download, click the “run” option to run the file. 

Step2: If the “run” option does not appear, double-click the file. 

Step3: After that, follow what the installation wizard instructs.

Step4: Now, accept the license agreement and continue until the connectivity mode screen appears. 

Set up a Connectivity Mode 

Step1: You see the screen with your printer series and wireless network. 

Step2: Here, click the “yes” button to continue.

Step3: Now, select your wifi network and enter its passcode. 

Step4: Move ahead with the setup steps until the “connection completed” screen appears. 

Step5: Now, the installation process is successful. 

Step6: Finally, if you want, you can install additional software. 

Canon TR7520 wireless setup for mac

You can do this process easily and quickly with the easy wireless setup method. The steps for canon tr7520 wireless setup for mac are:

 Power up Canon TR7520 Printer and Adjust the Settings

Step1: Plugin in Pixma tr7520. 

Step2: Access the printer panel and tap the wifi icon shown on it. 

Step3: Then, access the Wireless LAN under the LAN settings menu. 

Step4: Tap the “wireless LAN setup” to choose the option – easy wireless connect. 

Step5: After that, continue with the wifi setup process. 

Find and Download the Setup File 

Step1: Find the suitable setup file for canon Pixma tr7520 printer. 

Step2: Download Pixma tr7520 setup file on the mac. 

Run the Downloaded Canon TR7520 Setup File on Computer

Step1: After downloading the setup file, extract it. 

Step2: Now, the setup process starts on the mac. 

Step3: Proceed with the wizard steps until the connection method screen appears. 

Set the Wireless Connection Method to Connect Devices 

Step1: You see a wizard prompting to check the connection method. 

Step2: Here, click “yes” and continue if the name of your wireless router and printer displays. 

Step3: Click on your network and enter the passcode.

Step4: Now, network setup process completed. Then, continue to add the printer. 

Step5: Finally, choose your printer model, add it and finish canon tr7520 wifi connection setup.

USB Setup for Canon TR7520 printer

USB setup is one of the available options to connect canon tr7520 and computer. This is the secured and easiest method to connect the devices. The general steps to setup USB connectivity between the device and Pixma tr7520 are:

Download Canon Pixma TR7520 Driver

Download Canon Pixma TR7520 Driver 

Step1: Know your computer OS version and find the driver suitable for it.  

Step2: Now, save it properly on the computer. 

Install Downloaded Canon TR7520 Driver  

Step1: Start the driver setup by extracting the driver file. 

Step2: After extracting the file, continue with setup steps displayed on the monitor. 

Step3: Set your region and continue setup. 

Select the Connection Method

Step1: A wizard prompts to select the connection method for printer and device.  

Step2: Here, click “USB connection” and carry on with the setup process. 

Step3: Now, the dialog box instructs to connect devices using a cable. 

Step4: Connect them with the USB cable and complete USB connectivity setup.