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Canon TS3320 Driver

Enjoy premium quality print with Pixma ts3320. You can connect this printer with your computer using a USB cable or wireless network easily. The canon ts3320 printer has many exclusive features. To print with canon ts3320 using all its features, set up canon ts3320 driver in your device. 

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How to unbox and setup canon Pixma TS3320 printer

The canon ts3320 first time setup is an easy-to-do task. It begins with unpacking printer and finishes by printing a test file. Here are the basic steps for first-time canon ts3320 setup

Take Out all the Coverings 

Step1: The first step is to open the main printer package. 

Step2: Then, take and keep the accessories safely near you. 

Step3: Pull out canon ts3320 printer from the pack. 

Step4: Keep it on a plain surface. 

Step5: Clear of all the protective foams, as well as tapes from it. 

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Make a Connection between Canon ts3320 and Direct Power Supply

Step1: To start with the process, ensure that the power cord is undamaged.

Step2: Then, make sure that no protective materials are there in the printer. 

Step3: Now, connect one end of the cord in printer and another end in the power outlet. 

Step4: Switch on the socket to turn on canon Pixma ts3320

Take Cartridges and Suitable Papers

Step1: Take the cartridges you got with printer. 

Step2: Make the cartridges free from packing materials. 

Step3: Insert them into the proper slots. 

Step4: Fill Pixma ts3320 paper tray with suitable papers. 

Install Canon TS3320 Driver and Software

Step1: To install canon printer driver, find the compatible driver for your windows 10 OS. 

Step2: When you find it, save it on your device. 

Step3: Open the folder where the driver file got saved. 

Step4: Click the driver file. The driver installation begins. 

Step5: Now, proceed with the installation steps and choose the connectivity mode. 

Step6: After that, complete canon ts3320 driver installation as per the installation steps.

Canon TS3320 Driver Download & Installation for windows 10

Driver download and installation for canon ts3320 on your windows device is simple. Not just the basic version driver, you can install the latest version driver. The simple steps for completing the process successfully are: 

Find Latest Version Canon TS3320 Driver

Step1: To begin with this process, turn on your computer. 

Step2: Find out the version of your operating system. 

Step3: Then, find the driver, which is well-suited with your operating system. 

Install PIXMA TS3320 Latest Version Driver 

Step1: Download the printer driver on your computer. 

Step2: Open the downloaded canon ts3320 driver file to run it. 

Step3: Continue with driver install process as per the wizard steps. 

Step4: The wizard instructs to choose your desired mode of connectivity. 

Step5: Choose the mode and complete driver installation with the steps. 

Canon TS3320 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

Avail the instruction manual for canon ts3320 driver download and install on mac. The below-mentioned steps instruct how to install canon printer driver properly on mac.

Load Canon TS3320 Driver Installation DVD/CD

Step1: Take Pixma ts3320 setup CD that you got with the printer. 

Step2: Place it on the CD drive of mac computer. 

Step3: Run the CD to start Pixma ts3320 driver install. 

Install Compatible Printer Driver 

Step1: Once the CD starts functioning, use the steps on the monitor and continue the ongoing process. 

Step2: Next, you see a wizard with two connectivity options – USB and wireless. 

Step3: Here, choose any one option as per your basic requirements. 

Step4: Follow the instructions on wizard and finish the installation. 

Canon PIXMA TS3320 Wireless Setup

Canon ts3320 wireless setup is possible for windows and mac computer. The Canon Pixma ts3320 printer is compatible with both the OS. Moreover, it supports both wired and wireless connectivity mode. Here, acquire the instruction manual for canon ts3320 wireless setup for mac OS and windows 10.

Canon TS3320 wireless setup for windows 10

You can easily set up your Wi-Fi network in canon ts3320 printer. Now, for quick wireless connectivity setup in Pixma ts3320, follow the instructions below: 

Ensure the Wi-Fi Connection

Step1: Plugin your windows10 computer. 

Step2: Make sure that the windows 10 computer has a stable Wi-Fi. 

Step3: Now, move on to the canon ts3320 printer control panel. 

Step4: You see a wireless connect button in the panel. Press and hold it for 3 seconds. 

Step5: This initiates the easy wireless setup in canon ts3320

Download the Suitable Canon PIXMA TS3320 Driver 

Step1: To begin with, get canon ts3320 printer driver suitable for windows 10.

Step2: Download the compatible driver on your Windows 10 device. 

Step3: Now, you have to double-click the file to start installing it. 

Step4: Move on with canon ts3320 wireless setup process as per the steps. 

Choose the Mode to Connect Windows 10 and Printer 

Step1: When you continue with the process, a wizard pops for connectivity mode. 

Step2: Here, you can see your printer series and router Wi-Fi. 

Step3: Click yes and continue the connectivity setup process. 

Step4: Finally, install the driver to complete canon ts3320 wifi connection setup. 

Canon TS3320 wireless setup for mac

If you want to print with Pixma ts3320 using your mac computer, you have to connect the devices. You can connect them either wirelessly or using a USB cord. If you want to connect them wirelessly, follow the below steps. The steps explain the step-by-step procedure for connecting devices using a wireless network. 

Set up Canon TS3320 Printer 

Step1: Connect Pixma TS3320 with the direct electric supply. 

Step2: If in case the printer fails to turn ON, press the printer power button to “ON” it. 

Step3: Move on to printer control panel. 

Step4: Press and hold the wireless connect button for some time. 

Install Canon Pixma TS3320 Driver Easily

Step1: First, get the canon ts3320 driver, which is apt for your computer OS. 

Step2: After that, click the driver file and download it on your computer. 

Step3: Double-click the canon ts3320 driver to start setting it up on the device. 

Step4: Follow the setup procedure given on the wizard and continue. 

Set the Method to Connect Computer and Printer 

Step1: While you move ahead with the wizard steps, you see the connection method screen.

Step2: Now, confirm that your printer series and router Wi-Fi are there. 

Step3: After that, continue with the steps and select your network name.

Step4: Now, enter its password and continue until the wizard asks to add printer. 

Step5: Click the button – add printer and choose your canon printer from the available list. 

Step6: Now, finish installing canon ts3320 driver with the wizard instructions. 

USB Setup for Canon TS3320 printer

Here are the simple guidelines to connect computer and Pixma ts3320 with a USB cable. By using these guidelines, you can set up the USB connection quickly and easily. 

Run the PIXMA TS3320 Setup CD-ROM

Step1: The setup CD-ROM comes with canon ts3320 printer

Step2: Turn on the computer and place CD-ROM in the drive. 

Step3: Run the CD-ROM in the computer. 

Connect Printer and Computer with a Cord

Step1: When you run the CD-ROM, canon ts3320 driver installation begins. 

Step2: Use the step-by-step instructions displaying on the computer screen and proceed. 

Step3: Choose USB mode when the wizards pop to select the method for connecting devices. 

Step4: Now, a dialog box appears on the screen asking you to connect your devices with a cable. 

Step5: Connect them with the cable and complete the connectivity process with the steps.