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Canon TS 3420 driver

Explore the borderless printings using fast printing technology. It connects the printing services with Wi-Fi, Scan, Copy, and Cloud work. Connect the compatible Windows/Mac system for Proficient print work in less time using the wireless setup and procedures. To bring out the printer features for establishment, download & install the latest Canon TS 3420 driver software.

canon ts 3420 Driver download

Wireless - Print - Copy - Scan - Fax

How to unbox and setup Canon PIXMA TS3420 printer?

Unpack the brand new PIXMA TS-3420

  • First, place the printer box on the flat or table allotted.
  • Unwrap the protecting covers and tapes.
  • Use the checklist and verify the printer components.
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Plugin Canon PIXMA TS-3420

  • Try to get rid of protective covers and all the packing stuff.
  • Then, interface the printer and system using the USB or wireless type.
  • Get the printer connection from the backside of the printer to the power board.

Load paper and ink cartridges

  • Handle the printer components safely and take the ink cartridges from the package.
  • Insert the ink cartridges according to the color stated on the carriage.
  • Buy the recommended paper sheets for the installation process.
  • Shut the access door slowly to start the print work.

Download the canon suitable driver

  • Open the driver software downloaded suing the Official Canon page.
  • Connect through the on-screen guidelines and finish the Canon Pixma TS-3420 driver install.
  • Pick the mode of connection and finish the process.
  • Then, try to add the printer and start the print work using the print icon/option.

Canon PIXMA TS-3420 Driver installation for Windows 10

The basic need to choose driver OS

  • Look for the driver that matches the compatible system which is connected.
  • Further, connect through the Official Canon website and enter the printer keys.
  • On the specified field following windows 10.
  • Use the system folder to save the driver which is downloaded.

Steps to follow to complete the driver setup

  • Start the driver setup further by proceeding with the driver installation process.
  • Move with the on-screen guidelines and finish the driver setup.
  • Further, try to enable the third-party authentication to get into using windows.
  • Now, include the Canon Pixma TS-3420 in the downloaded driver software.
  • Use the print option/icon to start the Print work.

Canon PIXMA TS-3420 Driver installation for Mac

Using the driver CD/DVD

  • Use the power button to turn on the printer setup.
  • Get the system to the active state and look for the CD/DVD port availability. Then, insert the driver installation CD/DVD into the ports.
  • Click the download button on the screen and proceed with the driver setup.

Steps to complete driver install

  • Later, click the checkbox of terms and conditions to accept the License Agreement.
  • Connect via the wizard steps and complete the Canon PIXMA TS-3420 driver installation.
  • Further, proceed with the ok option.
  • Try to complete the driver setup using the wizard instructions.
  • Use the print icon and start the print job.

Canon PIXMA TS-3420 Wireless setup

The wireless setup makes the printing process even easier by connecting through the network. Make use of the printer settings and configurations to complete the Canon Pixma TS-3420 printer setup. Keep the wireless router close to the printer setup for efficient print work.

Canon PIXMA TS-3420 wireless setup for windows 10

  • Get the best power and network connection for the printer to proceed with the wireless.
  • Now, try to press the Wireless icon from the printer control panel and wait till you get the display pop-up message.
  • If the printer consists of a driver installation CD, try to use that and update or install the suitable driver software.
  • Activate the software by adding the printer for the wireless setup.
  • Next, try to Accept the License Agreement and continue.
  • Connect via the PIXMA TS-3420 printer wireless settings.
  • Choose the network menu to enter the credentials.
  • Once you’re done, click the finish button.
  • For a successful wireless Wi-Fi setup, the Canon Pixma TS-3420 wireless setup must a stable light on it.

Canon PIXMA TS-3420 Wireless Setup for Mac

  • Start the wireless setup on the Mac system using the power button.
  • Begin the wireless setup using the wireless button, till the wireless setup screen appears on the printer screen/display.
  • Receive the active location and get the Canon PIXMA TS-3420 driver using the download option.
  • Connect via the Mac folder and complete the software installation process.
  • Meanwhile, try to Accept the License Agreement and continue.
  • Complete the wizard setup guidelines and enter the network credentials to connect wireless using it.
  • Use the drop-down menu to pick the mode of connection at the end.
  • Print wirelessly using the Canon Pixma TS-3420 wireless setup for exciting print in less time.

Canon PIXMA TS-3420 USB Setup

USB setup is the interface source to connect the printer and system while the printing process. For the best USB setup procedure, you need to use the given Canon-packed cables for the setup. Try to use the setup Manual guide for establishing the USB setup using simple steps.

Install Canon setup file

  • Browse using the Canon page and enter the printer keys for getting the driver for the printer.
  • To save the downloaded driver file, enable the active location of the user.
  • Connect with the wizard setup steps to complete the process.

Connect using the USB

  • If the driver installation is on processing status, you will ask to choose the mode of connection.
  • Use the page and choose the USB type.
  • Use the confirmation screen and prompts to complete the USB setup successfully.
  • Verify the USB cable condition while fixing and inserting the USB cords to the USB drive correctly.
  • Do the setup wizard process and finish the Canon Pixma TS-3420 USB setup.