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Canon TS5320 Driver

With Canon Pixma ts5320 printer, you can print photos or documents easily. This printer is perfect for your printing works. However, to use every canon ts5320 feature, install the suitable driver on the device. The suitable driver improves the performance of canon ts5320 driver.

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How to unbox and setup canon Pixma TS5320 printer

Canon Pixma ts5320 printer setup process comprises several steps. It starts from printer unpacking and ends at printing a file. Here are the detailed guidelines for canon ts5320 setup process. 

Unpack the Brand New Canon TS5320

Step1: Open pixma ts5320 printer pack. 

Step2: Take its accessories and keep them safely on the surface. 

Step3: Pull canon ts5320 printer out and keep it on a flat surface.

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Plugin Canon TS5320 Printer 

Step1: Before plugging in canon ts5320, make sure that you cleared all the coverings from it. 

Step2: Use the electric cord to connect the wall socket and canon ts5320

Step3: Power up the Pixma ts5320 printer. 

Load Papers and Cartridges

Step1: Clear off all the tapes from canon ts5320 cartridges. 

Step2: Load them into the suitable slots. 

Step3: Place suitable papers in canon ts5320 paper tray. 

Install Canon TS5320 Driver and Set the Connection Mode 

Step1: Download Pixma ts5320 driver, which is suitable for your device OS. 

Step2: Extract the .exe file to initiate canon ts5320 driver install. 

Step3: Proceed with the driver installation steps to set the connection mode. 

Step4: Now, set the mode of connection that can satisfy your requirement. 

Step5: Finally, complete the installation and print a test file to verify it. 

Canon TS5320 Driver Download & Installation for windows 10

Downloading or installing canon ts5320 driver on your device is a simple thing. For this, you can prefer either the setup CD or download it. The below-listed steps can explain you how to complete this process easily. 

Get the Compatible Version Driver for Canon TS5320 

Step1: Identify the OS version of your Windows 10 Desktop.

Step2: Once you identify it, find the printer driver that supports your OS. 

Step3: After that, download or save it on your desktop. 

Install Compatible PIXMA TS5320 Driver and Software

Step1: The initial step is to open the saved driver file. This initiates the driver installation. 

Step2: Then, use the basic set of instructions shown on the screen and proceed. 

Step3: Now, choose a way to connect canon ts5320 and windows 10 computer. 

Step4: Proceed with the steps on the monitor and complete the driver installation. 

Canon TS5320 Driver Download & Installation for Mac

Avail the instruction manual for canon ts5320 driver download and install on mac. This instruction manual explains the process in detail. Thus, this manual can be a perfect option to download and install canon ts5320 driver

Insert Canon TS5320 Installation DVD/CD 

Step1: The first step for this process is to turn on the computer. 

Step2: Now, insert the CD into its slot in the computer. 

Step3: Run it to start canon ts5320 driver installation

Complete Canon TS5320 Driver Install 

Step1: Proceed with the instructions on the monitor and agree the License Agreement. 

Step2: Carry on with canon ts5320 driver install process until you see the connectivity setup screen.

Step3: Now, select your desired mode of connection to connect your devices. 

Step4: Finish canon ts5320 driver install on your Mac device as per the steps. 

Canon PIXMA TS5320 Wireless Setup

Connecting printer and computer is essential to print with canon ts5320. To connect the devices, you can choose either a wired or wireless connection. Here we are giving steps for connecting the devices wirelessly. The steps explain canon ts5320 wireless setup for windows 10 OS and Mac OS. 

Canon TS5320 wireless setup for windows 10

For setting up a wireless network in canon ts5320, you can prefer Easy Wireless Connect method. The basic steps for completing canon ts5320 wireless setup for windows 10 are:

Set up Easy Wireless Connect on Canon Printer 

Step1: Plugin the canon printer. 

Step2: Press the icon- wireless connect and hold it until the printer screen displays “processing”.

Install Canon TS5320 Setup File 

Step1: To start with this process, load the setup CD in the CD drive of the device. 

Step2: Run the file and move on with the process as per the steps. 

Step3: Accept the License Agreement to proceed further. 

Confirm your Connection type 

Step1: Proceed with canon ts5320 wireless setup procedure and select your network name.

Step2: Then, type its password and continue to complete the driver installation. 

Canon TS5320 wireless setup for mac

Connecting TS5320 printer and mac is possible through easy wireless setup method. The general steps for setting up your Wi-Fi network in Pixma ts5320 using the above-mentioned method are: 

Set up Canon TS5320 Printer for Easy Wireless Setup 

Step1: Switch on canon pixma ts5320

Step2: Press the wireless connect button and release it when “processing” word displays on the screen. 

Use the Pixma TS5320 Setup File 

Step1: Find the setup file for canon ts6220

Step2: Download the setup file and run it on the computer. 

Step3: Now, to continue the process, you have to accept the license agreement. 

Allow the Setup to Access your Wi-Fi Network

Step1: Now, the wizard asks your permission to access your network. 

Step2: Permit to access the network and continue. 

Step3: Choose your network name from the dropdown and enter its password. 

Step4: Finally, add your printer and complete the process. 

USB Setup for Canon TS5320 printer

Now, you can easily set up a USB connection between canon ts5320 and desktop. The essential steps to complete canon ts5320 USB setup process are: 

Install Canon Setup File

Step1: Get Canon TS5320 setup file suitable for your device windows OS. 

Step2: Save the file on the device and click it to run the file. 

Step3: Use the steps on the wizard and continue with the process. 

Connect USB Cable

Step1: When you move on with the setup process, a wizard prompts for selecting a connection type.

Step2: Choose the USB connection from the available options and continue.

Step3: Connect the cable in the devices when the wizard asks. 

Step4: Continue with the USB setup process and complete installing the setup file.