HP Deskjet 2725 Setup

An instructional manual for HP Deskjet 2725 printer setup and compatible driver download for both Windows and Mac OS!

HP Deskjet 2725 printer is an all-in-one wireless printer that assists printer users in taking top-notch quality printouts, scans, and copies on the go. Initially, users have to focus on setting up the printer, downloading and installing a compatible driver, and connecting the printer with the PC either using a USB connection or a wireless setup. Here, you will get all the detailed instructions.

hp deskjet 2725 printer
HP Deskjet 2725 Printer

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HP Deskjet 2725 Printer Setup

The instructions listed below will assist you in setting up your HP Deskjet 2725 printer for the first time in no time:

  • Firstly, consider uncovering the printer package.
  • Next, take both the HP Deskjet 2725 printer and the accessories that have come along with the printer package.
  • Now, remove all the protective materials and tapes from the printer and its parts.
  • Place your printer on a smooth surface that is closer to a wall outlet.
  • Now, fix the power cord to the electrical socket and the respective ports of the printer.
  • Switch on your HP Deskjet 2725 printer by pressing and holding the power button of your printer for at least 5 seconds.
  • Next, remove the plastic wrapping of the HP ink cartridge.
  • Open the access door and affix the ink cartridge to its respective slot, and then close the access door too.
  • Now, take sufficient quality printing sheets and stuff them in the paper tray of your printer.
  • Finally, check the HP Deskjet 2725 setup by taking a printout, copy, or scan.

HP Deskjet 2725 Driver Download

Only through a compatible driver, your computer with either a MAC or Windows 10 operating system can communicate with the printer. Only on accepting the commands from the PC, your HP Deskjet 2725 printer can work effectively. Our technical team will offer quick assistance in choosing the appropriate DJ 2725 driver for your device. Here are the instructions for driver download of Windows and Mac OS.

HP Deskjet 2725 Driver Download - Windows 10

Following are some of the instructions using which you can download and install a driver for Windows 10 at ease:

  • Check whether your device is active and is having a wifi connection.
  • Next, open a secure browsing platform and search for a compatible printer driver.
  • For detailed driver assistance, you can contact our printer technicians too.
  • Now, download and install the driver software using the installation procedures.
  • After completing the driver installation process, try taking printouts of any of the documents or photos from your PC.

HP Deskjet 2725 Driver Download - Mac

Follow the instructions given below to complete the driver download process for MAC:

  • Firstly, check whether you are using the recent MAC version.
  • Next, look to that both your MAC system and the HP Deskjet 2725 printer are active.
  • Now, check whether your devices are using the same wireless connection.
  • In your browser, search for compatible printer driver software.
  • Now, download the driver software and install it completely using the installation steps in the installation wizard.
  • Finally, ensure the DJ 2725 driver download is set up by taking a printout, copy, and scan.

HP Deskjet 2725 Wireless Network Setup

HP Deskjet 2725 Wireless Setup

Complete the wireless setup process using the set of instructions given below:

  • Firstly, check whether you have an interruption-free wireless network.
  • Next, turn on both your PC with either MAC or Windows 10 operating system and the HP Deskjet 2725 printer.
  • Now, tap on the Wi-Fi setup menu found on the control panel of your printer.
  • Look to that you have turned on the router too.
  • Click the wireless connection button on the router.
  • Now, from the list of networks, choose your Wi-Fi connection and enter the passcode to connect.
  • Finally, check your wireless connection by taking a printout wirelessly.
  • If not connected, contact our technical team for a quick solution.

HP Deskjet 2725 printer USB Connection

Want to connect your HP Deskjet 2725 printer to the computer using a USB cable? Do not worry! Follow the set of instructions given below to complete the process:

  • The prerequisite to complete the USB connection process is to have a zero-defect USB cable.
  • Next, turn on both your HP Deskjet 2725 printer and the computer system.
  • Now, connect the USB cable between both the active devices.
  • Check whether you have installed compatible wired driver software.
  • Active the wired software and wait for a reliable USB connection to continue printing.

For quick assistance on Deskjet 2725 printer setup and driver download, contact our team of technical professionals at any time.

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