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HP Smart Tank 673 Printer

Bring vibrant colors to your selected document or image using the HP Smart Tank 673 wireless All-in-one Printer. It provides a rich platform for the users to obtain the ultra-quality printout using simple steps. Get your Smartphone and connect to the mobile printing capabilities and start the printing work in less time. Obtain the best output using the ink tank system. Improve the Printing standards using the other innovative features like Print, Copy, Scan, and much more.

HP Smart Tank 673 Setup Instructions

Connect through the given steps for the First-time Printer setup

  • Initiate the Printer box firmly to the horizontal surface and get rid of excessive tapes on the printer components.
  • After peeling out the sealed tapes, discard them. Then, start the assembling procedure using the HP Manual.
  • Swift the Printer-arrangements near the Electric socket to obtain best access.
  • Obtain the new ink cartridges from the package and gently open the access door. Further, try to fix the ink cartridges to the slot till the click sound.
  • Decide whether to connect using the USB or Wireless type connection. Get the active router near the Printer setup for expert printer setup.
  • Turn on the WPS button on the Printer and active router.
  • Look for the Printer’s response to proceed further.
  • Support using the HP official webpage to download the necessary Printer driver using the on-screen directives.
  • Complete the Printer setup by giving a stable network connection to all the subsequent devices.
  • Power the connected compatible Windows/Mac device with driver software.
  • Finally, do the perfect printing on the selected document or photo.

HP Smart Tank 673 Driver download Instructions

Driver setup is vital for the Printer access through which the users can obtain effortless printing access. Initiate support from the HP Driver page, to attain efficient prints using your Compatible device connection.

HP Smart Tank 673 Driver Download- Windows

  • Reach the Official HP website to download the Printer driver with the support of the Driver download page.
  • Instantly pick the Drivers & Software option on the driver download page. Connect using the Printer setup page and specify the Printer details to add them.
  • Move with the drop-down menu to choose the desired OS type. Pick the Printer software suitable for compatible Windows.
  • See the Printer Drivers’ list and select the required one concerning the Windows connected.
  • The software will download to the Windows system with the .exe extension on the desktop folder.
  • Open the file by double-clicking. Try to finish the driver setup using the provided screen procedures.
  • Finish the setup process using the Finish option to start the printing process using a Windows connection.
  • You are ready to obtain excellent print work using the HP Smart Tank 673 Printer with Windows.

HP Smart Tank 673 Driver Download- Mac

  • Enable the Mac device and turn on the Printer components using the Power button.
  • To download the driver file amnd select the Drivers & Software option using the driver download page on the Official HP Web page.
  • Further, Provide the Product type and printer name along with a model. Run using the live screen instructions.
  • Click to the Drop-down Menu and pick the operating system for Mac by clicking it.
  • On the corresponding screen, opt for the required driver name from the list. Opt for an appropriate Printer driver and download it.
  • Start the Mac and look for the saved folder using .dmg extensions. The Mac supports the automatic download process.
  • Once you find the file, double-click it. Further, install the driver file using the provided On-screen guidelines.
  • Driver setup on Mac is ready once you hit the finish option. When the installer prompts for the Apple security ID and Password, enter it using the specific keywords.

HP Smart Tank 673 Network Setup

Network Setup can be established using these two types
USB or Ethernet
Try to connect the preferred Printer to the compatible Windows/Mac using any one of the above methods.

HP Smart Tank 673 Wireless Setup

  • Turn on the active Printer using the sturdy power and Network connection.
  • Enable the Active wireless router to start the Wireless setup to the connected devices.
  • Get near the printer control panel and press the WPS and hold the Wireless button. Wait for the Printer recognition.
  • Start the Wireless setup using the WPS button on the Wireless router and Printer same time.
  • The connected Printer starts to detect the signal using the Wireless router.
  • At last, connect the corresponding devices same network for skillful printing access on HP Smart Tank 673 Printer setup.

HP Smart Tank 673 USB Setup

  • Disconnect the default USB cord connection between the HP Printer and Compatible Windows/Mac.
  • Switch on the power button and verify the updated software installation on the connected compatible device.
  • Then, eventually, download and install the new Printer software using the HP Official page.
  • Try to open the software and add the Printer using the add printer option. Choose the USB type for the connection method.
  • Check the USB Ports and look at the USB condition before fixing to the provided port.
  • Wait for the setup acceptance and start the Printing process using USB setup on HP Smart Tank 673 printer.

HP Smart Tank 673 Troubleshooting

It is the space for HP users to obtain an instant solution to their Printer related problems. Troubleshoot is the part of the Printer setup and access. Stay in touch with this platform for the user’s benefit.

HP Smart Tank 673 Printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi

  • Rectify the Network stability before the troubleshooting process.
  • In turn to get rid of signal detecting mistakes, locate the wireless router near the Printer setup.
  • Look for the Network connection. It seems to be unstable, restart the Printer setup and enable the printer setup later.
  • Try to get the initial router setup using the HP Smart Tank 673 printer essentials. Next, try to push the WPS button and promptly connect the Printer to the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Do the above steps, the Printer will automatically draw and connect to the obtainable Wi-Fi.

HP Smart Tank 673 Printer Driver Unavailable

  • Connect the resultant devices to the trouble-free network connection before sorting the troubleshooting process.
  • Make sure the updated software is installed on the system. Connect to the Windows/Mac device and click on printer settings to clarify the printer details.
  • Meanwhile, try to Download and Install the latest Printer driver using the web page options and add the Printer using add printer option.
  • If you detect any malfunction or corrupt, reinstall the wanted driver software from the device.
  • If the required Printer driver is inaccessible, turn off the whole Printer setup by unplugging the Power cord USB.
  • Initiate all the devices correctly using the HP Setup manuals.
  • Click to open the Pop-up caution concerning the troubleshoot errors and try to sort out them right away.