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HP Smart Tank 7001 Printer

To enjoy incredible features on the printing process like Print, Copy, Scan, Duplex, and Wireless. It protects with Self-healing Wi-Fi. Get your quality prints from start to end using the high-capacity ink tank. It persists in automatic double-sided printing technology with the best resource on printing. It is enabled with Thermal Inkjet Printing technology with mobile printing capabilities and other connectivity features.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Setup Instructions

Connect through the given steps for the First-time Printer setup
  • Take the packed Printer box and safely lift the New Printer out. Then, place it on the even surface for assembling the Printer setup.
  • Try to discard the removed packed stuff and arrange the Printer components safely.
  • Allocate the printer space near the power socket to start the printer setup and arrangements to bring out effortless printing.
  • Look for the ink cartridge access door and open it. Here, insert the required ink cartridge to slot and wait for the click sound for proper insertion.
  • Connect using USB or Wireless. Place the router near the Printer setup for efficient printer setup. Turn on the WPS button on the Printer and router at the same time.
  • Wait till the connection is established.
  • Reach the HP official webpage to download the required Printer driver using the on-screen prompts.
  • Complete the Printer setup by establishing a stable network connection to all the corresponding devices.
  • Open the compatible Windows/Mac device with the installed Driver.
  • Start the printing process for the selected Document or Photo.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Driver download Instructions

The Driver setup is a simple setup process that can be carried out easily using the download and installation access. Get through the set of instructions to obtain the driver file suitable for the compatible device in no time.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Driver Download- Windows

  • Use the Official HP website to download the Printer driver by using the Driver download page.
  • Click the Drivers & Software option on the driver download page. On the Printer setup page, enter the Printer details with a model number.
  • Choose the Driver software using the drop-down menu. Select the Printer driver windows concerning the Printer name.
  • From the list of Printer Drivers’ names, Choose the desired one by clicking on it.
  • The downloaded driver file will be Automatically saved to Windows with the .exe extension on the desktop folder.
  • Double-click the downloaded file to install. Finish the driver setup using the given On-screen instructions.
  • Click to the Finish option to complete the Printer Driver Setup on the Compatible devices which are connected.
  • Finally, the Driver setup process is Completed using the HP Smart tank printer with Windows.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Driver Download- Mac

  • Complete the First-time Printer setup using the Mac device and turn on the devices using the Power button.
  • Choose the Drivers & Software option using the driver download page on the Official HP Website.
  • Specify the Product type and printer name with a model number. Complete the setup screen.
  • On the given Drop-down Menu, Select the operating system for Mac by clicking on it.
  • From the corresponding resultant page, the list of driver names will be listed. Select the apt Printer driver for the download process.
  • The downloaded driver file for Mac will be automatically saved on the Mac folder using the .dmg extension.
  • Double-click the saved file to install the file using the given On-screen prompts. Complete the instruction process correctly.
  • After completing the Setup process hit the finish button. Enter the Apple security ID and Password during the driver installation process.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Network Setup

Network Setup can be completed using two connection methods:
USB or Ethernet
Connect the desired Printer to the compatible device using any one of the above methods.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Wireless Setup

  • Turn on the respective Printer using the stable power and Network connection.
  • Enable the Active wireless router to establish the Wireless setup to the connected devices.
  • On the printer control panel, hold the WPS and press the Wireless button. Wait till the Printer recognize the setup.
  • For the Wireless setup, press the WPS button on the Wireless router and Printer at the same time.
  • The Printer connects through the Wireless router, in turn, to establish the effortless printing process using the HP Smart Tank 7001 printer.
  • Ensure the following devices are connected to the same network and stable one.

HP Smart Tank 7001 USB Setup

  • Disconnect the existing USB cable connections between the Printer and Compatible device.
  • Turn-on the Printer and ensure the Compatible Printer software is installed to it with the latest version.
  • Try to download and install the Latest Printer Driver OS, if not done previously.
  • Add the Printer to the software. It automatically asks for the connection type. Proceed using the USB type.
  • Make sure the USB cords are connected properly into the Ports and look at the USB condition.
  • Wait till the connection is recognized and start the Printing process using USB setup on HP Smart Tank 7001 printer.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot for Printer related issues are sorted out simply using easy steps. Be prompt on accessing the Printer troubleshoot using the HP Official page for printer Hardware & Software issues.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi

  • Before solving the Troubleshoot, connect to the stable network connection.
  • To establish the high signal frequency, place the Wireless router near the Printer.
  • Check the Network connection. If not active, turn off the Printer setup and restart the printer setup later.
  • Do the initial router setup using the HP Smart Tank 7001 printer details. Here, push the WPS button and actively connect the Printer to the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Once the given steps are checked thoroughly, the Printer will automatically fetch and connect to the user’s Wi-Fi.

HP Smart Tank 7001 Printer Driver Unavailable

  • Check the Network stability before starting the Troubleshoot analysis.
  • Make sure the connected Printer driver is updated or look for any corrupt issues.
  • If seen, try to download and install the latest Printer driver using the web search options and add the Printer to it.
  • If it is available with proper driver setup, then reinstall it to detect malfunction or corruption.
  • Yet the Printer driver is not available, turn off the entire Printer setup by unplugging the Power cords and USB if fixed.
  • Later, connect all the devices appropriately using the Setup manual. Then, turn on the connection safely.
  • Click to the Pop-up notification regarding the troubleshoot issues and try to solve them immediately.
  • Repeat the setup steps once again, if the Driver is still unavailable.