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HP Printer Setup

HP Printer Network Setup

Setting up a network in the HP printer is not such a tough task. General guidelines to set up the network in HP printers are:

  • Step1: Firstly, contact our experts for the latest set of printer software and drivers.
  • Step2: Download the software and install it using the wizard instructions.
  • Step3: Choose the mode of connection- wired or wireless.
  • Step4: Finally, follow the wizard steps and complete the setup program.

HP All in One Printer Wireless Setup

Now, connecting your HP printer with the network and computer (windows 10 or mac) is an easy process. Not only this, but you can also get the most updated and compatible version of drivers and software for network setup. 

Wireless Setup for Windows 10

Instructions to connect the printer with the Windows 10 device using device network are:

  • Step1: Firstly, switch on your computer. Then, ensure that you have a secure network.
  • Step2: After that, power up your printer and go to wireless settings.
  • Step3: Now, add the device network into the printer and complete the program.
  • Step4: Next, access the control panel of your computer. Then, move on to the “devices and printers” option.
  • Step5: Here, you can see a list of printer models. Select your printer model and continue the process.
  • Step6: Finally, connect the printer with the device and take a test print.

Wireless Setup for Mac

Guidelines to create a wireless connection between the HP printer and Mac device are:

  • Step1: Initially, power up your Mac device. Then, make sure that you have a reliable Wi-Fi network.
  • Step2: Next, access your printer model, and go to WLAN settings.
  • Step3: Now, add your device network and continue with the instructions.
  • Step4: After that, click the Apple icon on your device. Then, move on to system preferences.
  • Step5: Here, select the devices and proceed with the instructions. Now, you can see a list of printer models.
  • Step6: Select your printer model and connect the device with the HP printer.
  • Step7: Finally, try printing with your HP printer wirelessly.

Printer connection Type

select how the printer will be connected to your computer or network

Quick setup for HP All-in-one Printer Network Setup

USB Connection: Want to connect the printer with the device through a USB cable? Reach us. Our expert offer instant guidance.

Wired Connection:  Connect your printer with the router using the LAN cable. Now, you can easily connect the printer with multiple computers. Contact us for more help.

Wireless Connection: Connect your HP printer with the device wireless network easily with us. Our technical experts offer immediate assistance.

How to Connect Printer to Network Using A USB Cable?

The basic instructions to connect the printer to network via a USB cable are as follows:

  • Initially, talk to our experts, and get the most updated version of USB software and drivers.
  • Now, download the core file of drivers and software and start the AutoRun process.
  • After this, implement the on-screen instructions and complete the installation process of drivers and software.
  • Now, the final step is to connect the device with printer when the wizard prompt.
HP Printer USB

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Easy Setup

How to Setup Connectivity in Printers via Wireless Mode?

The essential steps to connect the printer to device network via wireless mode are: 

  • Firstly, connect with our tech experts and get the latest software file for an efficient wireless setup. 
  • After getting the core file, download it, and complete the installation process as per the instructions. 
  • Now, run the software file on the printer.
  • Next, go to system settings and choose the wireless connection option. 
  • After this, choose your network from the available wireless networks. 
  • Now, proceed to connect printer to computer wireless.