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how to hp printer setup

Easy Printer Setup & Printer Driver Installation

Get the comprehensive printer setup manual and complete the setup process quickly. Also, get the most compatible printer software and drivers. 

How to Perform the Hardware Setup Process of HP Printer?

To setup an HP printer, you need to perform hardware, as well as the software setup process. Here, we are presenting a comprehensive manual to perform the hardware and software setup process quickly. 

Here are the necessary steps to complete the hardware setup process.

  • First of all, take out the printer from the package along with its essential accessories.
  • Now, connect the power cord of the printer to the power supply. 
  • Next, switch on the printer and open the cartridge access door. 
  • Now, take out the cartridges and remove the plastic tape. 
  • After removing the plastic tape, connect the cartridges to the relevant slots.
  • Now, close the cartridge access door; your printer hardware setup process is completed. 
Printer Setup

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Printer Software

How to Perform the Printer Software Setup Process?

Necessary steps to complete the printer softwares setup process are:

  • Once you completed the hardware setup process, you’ve to install the compatible and apt software and drivers for your HP printer
  • To get the latest drivers and software, contact our technical experts. 
  • Once you get it, download the file and start the AutoRun. 
  • After this, execute the on-screen instructions and install the driver