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Printer Software Install

Printer Software is the essential need for the printer features to explore. Use the Official page to get connected with the latest software version. Extract the latest version of the software that suits your Printer and compatible device software version. Use the given guidelines and complete the software installation process successfully. Then, it’s time to print vibrant color printouts using the available printer features.

How to set up and install the driver software on windows

  • Begin the driver setup process after the printer’s first-time setup.
  • Use the compatible Windows system connection and establish using the secured network connection.
  • Stick to the driver download page using the Official brand of printer.
  • Search for the appropriate driver software for the printer. From the list of printer names, select the required one.
  • Click the download option on a similar page and continue with the on-screen wizard instructions to complete the installation on the Windows system.
  • Once you add the respective printer to the system, make sure by crosschecking with the Printers and Scanners option.

How to set up and install the driver software on Mac

  • Try to complete the First-time printer setup using the Mac.
  • Fulfill the Printer using the flawless network connection and try to share the printer network to all the devices connected.
  • Go to the Official page of the printer brand and access the printer driver page.
  • The upcoming screen will provide you with the list of printer driver names.
  • Finish the download process using the download button/option and make use of the on-screen guidelines to complete the installation on the Mac.
  • When the installer prompts for the Apple security details, enter them correctly. Try to ensure the printer setup by right-clicking the Printer device name & selecting the Properties. Then, choose the driver tab and check the driver details.

What to do when driver software is unavailable?

  • Verify the printer-related connections and power cords. Fix them properly.
  • Then, check for the Windows update. If you are notified with the update for your system. Just tap and complete the windows update.
  • Uninstall the Printer driver from the compatible system and try to reinstall the newest version of the driver software.
  • In the absence of Wizard instructions, follow Start>Settings>Devices>Add Printers or Scanners.
  • Check whether the existing driver OS is outdated or corrupted.
  • Finally, restart the entire printer setup and connect them again using the Printer Manual provided.

Fix printer problems after updating Windows 10

  • First, try to power-cycle the active printer.
  • Power-cycle is unplugging the printer connections completely from the respective ports and later plugging them properly to the slots.
  • Then, check the connections and configurations to the printer setup are intact.
  • Move on to the driver details and check the driver software version details. To install the latest-version and access print-job to avoid the problematic process.
  • Use the settings and Reset the Print Spooler by clicking to the Services>Print Spooler.
  • Finally, try to Run the Windows Troubleshoot using the windows settings.